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In the digital maze, your brand’s voice needs to echo. Spark by 815 Media isn’t just a tool, it’s your beacon. It’s about being the undeniable choice in an ocean of options, making every tweet, post, and pin a testament to your uniqueness. Ready to be unmistakable? Let Spark illuminate your path.
Social Media Marketing

In a world awash with digital noise, standing out is no longer a luxury—it’s survival. Seth Godin introduced us to the Purple Cow, the symbol of the remarkable. At 815 Media, we’ve taken this to heart, creating Spark, your brand’s beacon in the ever-expanding social media universe.

Why Spark, you ask? Because in today’s digital pasture, being just another cow won’t do. You need to be purple—vividly remarkable. Spark isn’t just a tool; it’s your brand’s megaphone, designed to amplify your unique voice across the digital plains of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Unleash Your Inner Purple Cow

Every brand has its unique streak, a purple patch waiting to be unveiled. Spark’s mission is to discover and amplify this uniqueness. With our DIY to Pro plans, we cater to every brand’s needs and budgets, ensuring your purple cow doesn’t just moo but sings.

A Symphony of Platforms

Your audience is scattered, and so should your presence be. But being everywhere at once is a Herculean task. Here’s where Spark shines—integrating seamlessly across platforms, ensuring your message isn’t just heard but resonates.

Engagement is King

But what is a purple cow that doesn’t mingle? Spark is designed to not just broadcast but engage, turning passive viewers into active participants in your brand’s story. Engagement is the new currency, and Spark ensures you’re wealthy.

Budgeting for Brilliance

Godin teaches us that being remarkable shouldn’t be prohibitive. Spark’s plans, starting at just $49/month, ensure that every brand, big or small, can afford to be remarkable.

In the realm of social media, the green pastures are vast, but it’s the purple cows that capture the gaze. Let Spark by 815 Media be your guide to not just navigating this landscape but owning it. Be remarkable, be memorable, be purple.

Contact us and let’s turn your brand into the talk of the digital town.

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