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815 Media is a digital marketing agency established in 2011, specializing in SEO-driven web design, social media marketing, and custom programming. Known for its innovative approach and commitment to quality, 815 Media tailors its strategies to meet the unique needs of its clients, ensuring impactful online presence and engagement.

Why choose 815 Media

22 years of experience
Leverage over two decades of digital marketing mastery with 815 Media, where seasoned expertise meets the cutting edge of innovation.
Local industry experts
Tap into the pulse of your community with 815 Media, where local expertise shapes global digital strategies.
Fast & effective solutions
Accelerate your growth with 815 Media's rapid and efficient digital solutions, designed for real-world impact and quick wins.
Flexible pricing
Unlock value at every step with 815 Media's flexible pricing, where affordability meets premium digital marketing solutions.
Modern approach
Embrace the future with 815 Media's modern approach, blending the latest digital trends with timeless marketing wisdom for unparalleled results.
Great client support
Experience exceptional client support with 815 Media, offering a spectrum of communication options from phone and email to text and live chat, ensuring seamless and responsive interactions every step of the way.

A word from company owner

At 815 Media, we blend the heart of local expertise with the power of digital innovation. It’s about championing our community’s success, one digital milestone at a time.

Kevin Champlin

President / AI Enthusiast / Programmer

Kevin Champlin

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